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How to Use APK01CA to Connect Your Devices Anywhere in the World


If you are a frequent traveler, you know how frustrating it can be to find out that your electronic devices are not compatible with the power outlets in different countries. You may end up with dead batteries, damaged devices, or even fire hazards if you use the wrong adapter or converter.


That's why you need a reliable and universal solution that allows you to connect to any standard wall outlet worldwide. And that's exactly what APK01CA is.

APK01CA is a world power travel adapter manufactured by Targus, a leading provider of accessories for mobile devices. It is a compact and flexible device that consists of three interchangeable adapters that can be attached to your device's AC power cord.

Features of APK01CA

APK01CA has many features that make it an ideal travel companion for your electronic devices. Here are some of them:

  • It is compatible with countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

  • It can handle voltage ratings from 110 V AC to 250 V AC and current ratings up to 2.50 A.

  • It has red safety shutters that provide protection against accidental contact with electric current.

  • It is made of high-impact polycarbonate plastic for durability.

  • It has a compact and flexible design that can be broken apart for easy portability.

To use APK01CA, you simply need to attach the appropriate adapter to your device's AC power cord and plug it into the wall outlet. The adapter will automatically adjust to the voltage and frequency of the local power supply.

By using APK01CA, you can enjoy the benefits of having a universal power solution that saves you time, money, and hassle. You don't need to buy multiple adapters or converters for different countries. You don't need to worry about damaging your devices or causing safety issues. You don't need to carry bulky or heavy devices in your luggage.

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Compatibility of APK01CACompatibility of APK01CA

One of the most important aspects of choosing a power adapter is to make sure that it is compatible with the country or region you are visiting. Otherwise, you may end up with a useless device that cannot fit into the wall outlet or deliver the right voltage to your device.

Fortunately, APK01CA is compatible with most countries and regions in the world, except for some parts of Africa and South America. It can work with the following plug types: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and N.

To help you find out which plug type is used in your destination country or region, here is a table that shows the voltage and plug type for each country or region. Note that some countries or regions may have more than one plug type or voltage, so you should always check the specific requirements before you travel.

Country or region

Voltage (V)

Plug type



C, F



C, F



C, F

American Samoa


A, B, F, I



C, F



C, F



A, B



C, D, G



D, G


If you are traveling to a country or region that is not compatible with APK01CA, you may need to buy a different adapter or converter. You should also check the voltage and frequency of your device to make sure that it can handle the local power supply. If not, you may need a transformer or a voltage stabilizer to avoid damaging your device.

Safety and Durability of APK01CA

Besides compatibility, another important factor to consider when choosing a power adapter is safety and durability. You don't want to risk electrocuting yourself or starting a fire by using a faulty or low-quality adapter.

APK01CA is designed to ensure safety and protection against electric current. It has red safety shutters that prevent accidental contact with live parts of the adapter. It also has a fuse that protects your device from overloading or short-circuiting.

APK01CA is made of high-impact polycarbonate plastic that can withstand wear and tear. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits easily into your hand or bag. It also has a black color that matches most devices and cords.

APK01CA comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If you have any questions or issues with your adapter, you can contact Targus customer service for assistance. Conclusion

In conclusion, APK01CA is a world power travel adapter that can help you connect your electronic devices to any standard wall outlet worldwide. It has many features that make it a reliable and universal solution, such as compatibility, safety, durability, and portability. It is easy to use and can save you time, money, and hassle when traveling.

If you are looking for a power adapter that can meet your needs and expectations, you should consider buying or learning more about APK01CA. You can visit the Targus website or contact their customer service for more information. You can also check the reviews and ratings of other customers who have used APK01CA.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you found it helpful and informative. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip with your electronic devices.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about APK01CA:

  • What is the difference between an adapter and a converter?

An adapter is a device that allows you to plug your device's power cord into a different plug type. A converter is a device that changes the voltage or frequency of the power supply to match your device's requirements. APK01CA is an adapter, not a converter.

  • How do I know which adapter to use for each country or region?

You can refer to the table in this article or the user guide that comes with APK01CA. You can also check the label on your device or the power cord to see which plug type it has.

  • Can I use APK01CA for high-power devices such as hair dryers or irons?

No, APK01CA is not suitable for high-power devices that require more than 250 V AC or 2.50 A. You should use a converter or a transformer for those devices.

  • Does APK01CA have a USB port or a surge protector?

No, APK01CA does not have a USB port or a surge protector. If you need those features, you may want to look for other models of power adapters.

  • Where can I buy APK01CA and how much does it cost?

You can buy APK01CA from the Targus website or from other online or offline retailers. The price may vary depending on the seller and the availability. As of June 2023, the price on the Targus website is $19.99 USD.


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