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My Christmas Love Subtitles English

Sterritt * A married artist embarks on a kinky love affair with a younger woman. This sexually explicit South Korean drama aims more to jolt than to illuminate, but it illustrates an aspect of Asian cinema that globally minded moviegoers should know about as films from that region take on more international prominence. In Korean with English subtitles

My Christmas Love subtitles English

Sterritt *** The gently told story of a married woman whose love affair with her husband's employer has considerable consequences for herself and her family. Sensitive acting and a detailed sense of location help distinguish this commendably modest production. The original French title is "Un Pont entre deux rives." In French with English subtitles

Sterritt *** A young man finds himself in mysterious waters when he enters a kidnapping scheme, falls in love with the victim, loses her in a moment of violence, and becomes fixated on a young woman who may or not be not be his vanished lover. Adding more layers to the story is the fact that it's narrated by a videomaker who might have lived these events, or might be spinning them from his imagination even as we watch them. Clearly influenced by Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece "Vertigo," this offbeat Chinese production is at once an innovative art film and a traditional suspense yarn. In Mandarin with English subtitles

An aging writer (Patrick Bauchau of The State of Things) who has lost his wife and child falls in love with a younger woman in this French feature by Viviane Candas. In French with subtitles. 92 min. aLandmark, 6:30 PM 041b061a72


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