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Roman Cruz
Roman Cruz

Quand Tu Danses __EXCLUSIVE__

The CD uses the HDCD format, which improves the quality of the audio (compared to regular CDs) when played back in a suitable player. The album is intimate and contains acoustic and blues melodies. It mainly deals with death ("On ira", "En passant") and love ("Sache que je", "Quand tu danses", "Les Murailles").

Quand tu danses


The album provided three singles, but only the first one was a hit : "Sache que je" reached No. 19 in France and No. 18 in Belgium (Wallonia), while the other two singles ("Quand tu danses" and "Bonne idée") failed to enter the top 50 (#66 and No. 68 in France).

Un livre, un jour : France-TV -3/un-livre-un-jour/1103921-pourquoi-tu-danses-quand-tu-marches-d-abdourahman-a-waberi-aux-editions-jc-lattes.html?fbclid=IwAR1vBksTWsH0oLoZFTIH2Rf6F0CK8Rnha9SJFZFom1s-vKMiwKpzb8ExHVg 041b061a72


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