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SSL LMC-1 Plug-In Listen Mic Compressor VST Crack

SSL LMC-1 Plug-in: A Classic Compressor with a Modern Twist

If you are looking for a compressor plug-in that can add character, punch and excitement to your tracks, you might want to check out the SSL LMC-1 Plug-in. This plug-in is a faithful recreation of the Listen Mic Compressor from SSL's legendary "E" Series console, which was used to create the iconic gated-reverb drum sound that dominated the '80s. But the LMC-1 Plug-in is not just a nostalgia trip, it also offers some modern features that make it a versatile and creative tool for any genre and style.


What is the Listen Mic Compressor?

The Listen Mic Compressor (LMC) was originally designed as a safety feature for the reverse talkback function of the SSL 4000E console. The reverse talkback allowed the engineer to communicate with the musicians in the live room through a microphone placed in the control room. The LMC was a simple compressor that prevented the microphone from overloading and also made quiet speech more intelligible. However, some engineers discovered that the LMC had a unique sound that could be used creatively on other sources, especially drums.

The LMC had a fixed attack and release time that created a fast and aggressive compression. It also had a high ratio and a low threshold that resulted in a heavy gain reduction. The LMC added punch, clarity and presence to the drums, making them cut through the mix. But the most distinctive feature of the LMC was its interaction with the noise gate of the SSL console. By routing the output of the LMC to a channel with a noise gate, the engineers could create a gated-reverb effect that enhanced the ambience and decay of the drums. This effect became popularized by Phil Collins on his song "In the Air Tonight" and was widely used by many artists in the '80s.

What does the LMC-1 Plug-in do?

The LMC-1 Plug-in by Solid State Logic (SSL) is a virtual effect audio plug-in that replicates the sound of the original hardware LMC. It functions as a VST, AU or AAX plug-in for macOS and Windows. The plug-in has a simple interface that consists of three knobs: Input, Output and Comp. The Input knob controls the level of the signal going into the plug-in, while the Output knob controls the level of the signal coming out of the plug-in. The Comp knob adjusts the amount of compression applied to the signal, from 0% (bypass) to 100% (maximum).

The LMC-1 Plug-in can be used on any source that needs some extra punch and excitement, such as drums, guitars, vocals, synths and more. It can also be used to create gated-reverb effects by combining it with a noise gate plug-in or using an external sidechain input. The plug-in has a warm and analog sound that adds character and color to your tracks.

What are the new features of the LMC-1 Plug-in?

The LMC-1 Plug-in is not just an exact copy of the original hardware LMC, it also offers some new features that expand its functionality and creativity. These features are derived from SSL's LMC+ 500 Series module, which is an enhanced version of the LMC for modern studios. The new features of the LMC-1 Plug-in are:

  • External Sidechain: This feature allows you to trigger the compression with an external source or signal, such as a kick drum or a synth bass. This way, you can create ducking effects or syncopated rhythms with your tracks.

  • Highpass Filter and Lowpass Filter: These filters allow you to tailor which frequencies trigger the compression. For example, you can use the highpass filter to remove low frequencies from triggering the compression, or use the lowpass filter to remove high frequencies from triggering the compression.

  • Scoop and Split: These buttons modify how the wet and dry signals are mixed together. The Scoop button phase-inverts the wet signal, creating a phase-cancellation effect that reduces or removes certain frequencies from your tracks. The Split button activates a bandpass-subtraction mode, which subtracts a band of frequencies from your tracks based on the filter settings.

  • Mix: This knob allows you to blend between the wet and dry signals, enabling parallel processing. This way, you can adjust how much of the LMC-1 effect you want to apply to your tracks.

How to get the LMC-1 Plug-in?

The LMC-1 Plug-in is available for purchase from SSL's website for $119.99. You can also download a free trial version of the plug-in and test it out for yourself. The plug-in is compatible with most DAWs and supports 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz sample rates.


The LMC-1 Plug-in is a great way to add some classic SSL compression to your tracks, with a modern twist. It can make your drums sound punchy and exciting, your guitars sound crunchy and powerful, your vocals sound clear and present, and more. It can also create some interesting gated-reverb effects and other creative modulation effects with its new features. Whether you are looking for a vintage vibe or a contemporary edge, the LMC-1 Plug-in can deliver it.


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