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Download Orangepi PC OS: A Fast, Secure and Stable Desktop System for Your Projects

I really do not understand why you cannot follow clear directions...I have an ori pi prime...I downloaded and installed sd card formatter,Etcher and followed all instructions now Armbian is up and running...I had to remove the case as it was causing overheat problems and the holes were NOT big enough for the plugs(Wireless,HDMI,Sound.)now I did have to use a powered hub for my keyboard to work properly but now this thing does work with ARMBIAN.

I therefore decided to try to download and flash it onto an SD card and test it on my Orange Pi PC. This proved to be initially quite difficult as it requires using the Phoenixcard software to flash the image, and this software only works under Windows and many users report difficulty in getting it working.

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I was having difficulty finding a solution to the Phoenixcard error load cardtool failed. I knew that the SD card or USB to SD card adapter were not faulty as I had successfully burned other images for the Orange Pi using Etcher.I did eventually resolve it thanks to a posting on a forum which advised to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). After this software was installed and I ran Phoenix card tool again it flashed the image without an issue. So if you are experiencing issues with Phoenix card software then I advise installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). before you start trying different SD cards or thinking the download is corrupted.

The software pre-installed on the image is pretty basic, You get Google Chrome, Firefox, Netflix, Miracast receiver, Music app, KDplayer which is a build of Kodi 17.5, a File manager and Youtube. But it does have the Google Play store so you can download other apps. And although I did have a couple of apps say they were not compatible with the box most of the apps I have tried installed ok.

A year ago, I buy my Orange Pi PC, and download last image of Armbian, and it work's well. But yesterday, I update my system through apt-get, and notice that there be some kernel packages. There was packages, with "sunxi" or "sunx7" in his names, don't remember well.

There was an old image, Xenial with kernel 3.4. It works well, but my wifi adapter doesn't work with this kernel. But this adapter, worked with that, old image, that I download a year ago (December 2017). And I think, in that old image was kernel never than 3.4 but older than 4.14.

There was an old image, Xenial with kernel 3.4. It works well, but my wifi adapter doesn't work with this kernel. But this adapter, worked with that, old image, that I download a year ago (December 2017). And I think, in that old image was kernel never than 3.4 but older than 3.14.

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No, I don't need system with kernel, older than 3.4. I need new kernel. I download Armbian image on December 2017. That image has kernel newer than 3.4, and all works well (and my wifi interface). Maybe you have old buildings of OS image? Half of a year ago?

i found out that that is mainly because avahi-daemon (i.e. mdns) is not installed on the orange pi pc. what i did is to do apt-cache search avahi on the sbc and install the avahi-daemon (e.g. apt-get install avahi-daemon) and subsequently i'm able to ping my board as orangepipc.local connected on the ethernet. i'm not using any wireless dongle.

ag123, image with 3.4 kernel works well, but it not support my wifi usb adapter. That old image, downloaded a year/half of year ago, have kernel never than 3.4 but works very well. Sad, but seems there is no archive for old OS images. And I doesn't save that old image, that works perfect.

The first step is the download of an Operating System image to install into the microSD card. For this purpose connect at Orange Pi official website ( ) and click Downloads under the label Resources. Then find your board, in this tutorial an Orange Pi PC Plus, and choose the Operating System that you want to download. For each board there are several Operating Systems. In this tutorial we try Debian XFCE Desktop. To finally download the Operating System image click over MEGA Cloud icon and click the icon to download the OS image as a ZIP. When the download is finishes, extract the OS image.

Now you need to flash the OS image just downloaded into the microSD card. To achieve this you need a program like Etcher ( ). It works under Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS. Flash the OS image into your microSD card is very easy. Insert the microSD card in your computer SD slot with an adapter and launch Etcher. Now you have to choose the image that you want to flash, the device to flash and, at the end, click Flash! button. When Etcher finishes you will have a microSD ready to insert in your Orange Pi board.

At this point the boot process starts and for the first time it can take few minutes. Next boots will be quicker. At the end of the boot you can login into your Orange Pi with username and password. They depends by the Operating System that you flashed in microSD card. Tipically they are: orangepi, orangepi. Now you are ready to use the Orange Pi board.

Finally we will see a third method to use an Orange Pi single-board computer. In this case you need an ethernet cable and, through a SSH connection, you can control the Orange Pi board by remote without monitor, keyboard and mouse. After the plug in of the ethernet cable in the RJ45 connector of the board you have to discover the IP address given to the board. A way to do it is open your router control panel. Tipically it's a web page and you can access it at the address To enable a SSH connection under Linux you can use ssh command by terminal (ssh @). Assuming that the username is orangepi and the IP address given to the device is the command to type is the following:

Nachdem die neueste Minidrohnen & Bebop Kollektion von Parrot erschienen ist, suchen sie nach euch, unsere gro\u00dfartige Design Community, um aufregendes und innovatives Zubeh\u00f6r f\u00fcr ihre Kollektion zu designen.Designer werden die Gelegenheit haben, zusammen mit Parrot ein neues Sortiment an Zubeh\u00f6r zu designen, welches in ihrem offiziellen Store angeboten wird.(Honorare werden t\u00e4glich pro verkauftes Zubeh\u00f6r verhandelt)Parrot wird zus\u00e4tzlich Drohnen im Wert von $2,000 an den Gewinnern verschenken!Um mitzumachen m\u00fcsst ihr lediglich eure STL Dateien per Mausklick in dem letzten Teil dieser Seite hochladen. Vergesst nicht, Fotos von euren 3D gedruckten Designs hochzuladen.","pages.parrot.submitButton":"Lade dein Design hoch","pages.parrot.prizesTitle":"Preise","pages.parrot.prizesText":"Die 3 Designer mit der h\u00f6hsten Anzahl an Downloads werden Folgendes gewinnen:1. - Bebop 2 + Sky Controller2.\t-\tBebop 23.\t-\tMinidrohnen (ausgew\u00e4hlt vom Designer)Parrot wird ebenfalls 3 Designer ausw\u00e4hlen und mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten, um ihre Designs in dem offiziellen Parrot Store anzubieten(Designer werden entsprechend entlohnt - je nach Einzelfall)","pages.parrot.datesTitle":"Schl\u00fcsseldaten","pages.parrot.datesText":"Einreichungen offen ab dem 26. Januar 2016Einreichungen geschlossen ab dem 16. Februar 2016Votings offen ab den 24. Februar 2016Votings geschlossen ab den 11. 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Mehrere Downloads von denselben Usern und derselben IP-Adresse z\u00e4hlen nichtZus\u00e4tzlich werden 3 Gewinner von Parrot, ausgew\u00e4hlt, die auch andere User als die Gewinner sein k\u00f6nnenAlle Einreichungen werden von testgedruckt und ver\u00f6ffentlichtAlle STL Dateien werden als kostenlose Downloads zur Verf\u00fcgung gestellt. Das Eigentumsrecht beh\u00e4lt der Uploader, wenn nichts anderes mit Parrot verhandelt wurde.","pages.parrot.designerTitle":"Ressourcen f\u00fcr Designer und Inspiration","pages.parrot.designerText":" Das ist deine Chance neue Arten und Sichtweisen, was die Drohnen Community betrifft, zu er\u00f6ffnen. Es ist an der Zeit kreativ zu werden! Kreiere beispielsweise ein Hubschrauberlandeplatz oder ein Tor, um dadurch zu fliegen. Hier sind Richtlinien, die von Parrot definiert wurden:Ein gut durchdachtes Projekt, welches eine Geschichte erz\u00e4hlt, beispielsweise the jumping sumo jousting game.Kreative Designs, die zu den Drohnen passen.Designs, die nicht realisiert oder funktionieren k\u00f6nnen.Denke an: Das Gewicht Gleichgewicht und Positionierung Standsicherheit Sichere und einfache Bef\u00e4stigung an den DrohnenUnten kannst du hilfreiche Design Ideen finden, die dich inspirieren k\u00f6nnten.","pages.parrot.goodLuck":"Viel Gl\u00fcck!!!","pages.parrot.droneTemplate":"Drone Template Dateien","pages.parrot.brackets":"Universale Konnektoren","pages.parrot.legoTemplate":"Riders, Spiele & Inspiration","pages.parrot.specs":"Drone Tech Specs","pages.parrot.fullTerms":"Bedingungen und KonditionenDein Design muss eine neue und originale Arbeit sein. Wenn andere Menschen als du selbst am Design beteiligt waren, musst du eine schriftliche Genehmigung dieser Personen vorlegen.Dein Design darf nicht wie folgt sein: (i) bedrohlich, bel\u00e4stigend, entw\u00fcrdigend oder hasserf\u00fcllt; (ii) betr\u00fcgerisch oder unerlaubt; (iii) verleumderisch; (iv) obsz\u00f6n, unanst\u00e4ndig oder in irgendeiner anderen Form anst\u00f6\u00dfig; (v) gesch\u00fctzt durch Eigentumsrecht, einschlie\u00dflich aber nicht eingeschr\u00e4nkt durch Patent, Trademark oder Urheberrecht, es sei denn du hast eine schriftliche Einverst\u00e4ndniserkl\u00e4rung des Rechtsinhabers; (vi) gef\u00e4hrlich oder potenziell gef\u00e4hrlich oder was zu gewaltt\u00e4tigen Verhalten motiviert, einschlie\u00dflich aber nicht eingeschr\u00e4nkt durch explosive oder sch\u00e4dliche Substanzen; oder (vii) gesetzeswidrig oder gegen das Strafrecht deines Landes versto\u00dfend. Alle Designs, welche von derselben Person durch die Erstellung mehrerer Accounts mithilfe von falschen Kontaktdaten ,,Likes\" erzielen, werden vom Wettbewerb disqualifiziert. Designs, welche mithilfe von Computer Programmen oder \u00e4hnliche elektronische Mittel ,,Likes\" erhalten, werden vom Wettbewerb automatisch disqualifiziert, (viii)Gegenstand von Parrot's Entscheidungen und erfolgreichen Verhandlungen mit den Designern. Parrot beh\u00e4lt sich das Recht ein, zu entscheiden, ob ein oder mehrere Designs der Community zum Verkauf angeboten werden.","pages.featuredobject":"Featured Object","pages.featuredcollection":"Featured Collection","pages.supportfree":"ohne Support druckbar","pages.complexity":"Schwierigkeitsgrad","pages.parametric":"Parametrisch","pages.buyprinted":"Kaufe das Objekt 3D gedruckt f\u00fcr","pages.contactus.natureofquery":"Nature of Query:","pages.contactus.contactphone":"Contact Phone:","pages.contactus.message":"Message:","pages.contactus.submit":"Submit","pages.contactus.contactustitle":"Contact Us","pages.admin.kpiinfo":"Status none is the number of objects that are pending approval. External Print Queue is the number of objects that are pending approval and have the status External Print Job. Internal Print Queue is the number of objects that are Under Review minus the External Print Queue count.","":"Check out some of the more awesome user prints below!If you would like to submit an image of one of your own prints to the MyMiniFactory Gallery use the \"+Upload Prints\" button on the page of the object that you have printed, or use the \"Share\" button at the top right of this page!","pages.feed.followerheading":"Herzlich Willkommen!","pages.feed.followerbody":"Hier findest du alle Neuigkeite auf MyMiniFactory. 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Complying the with COPPA and GDPR regulations","pages.registration.perk1":"Thousands of 3D printable designs","pages.registration.perk2":"Organize your 3D files","pages.registration.perk3":"Engage with the community","pages.registration.perk4":"Become 3D designer","pages.registration.title":"Registrieren bei MyMiniFactory","pages.registration.join":"Join the Community!","pages.registration.register_free":"Register for free","pages.registration.approval_form":"Approval Form","pages.registration.heading":"Erstellen Sie einen MyMiniFactory Account","pages.registration.register":"Registrieren","pages.registration.yourfullname":"Vor- und Nachname (wird in deinem Profil angezeigt)","pages.registration.yourusername":"Benutzername (wird zum einloggen ben\u00f6tigt und bei Kommentaren angezeigt):","pages.registration.youremail":"E-mailadresse (wird zum einloggen und Korrespondenz verwendet):","pages.registration.yourpassword":"Passwort:","pages.registration.repeatpassword":"Wiederhole das Passwort:","pages.registration.birthdate":"Birth date DD-MM-YYYY (optional)","pages.registration.over_16":"I'm over 16","pages.registration.over_16_popup":"I'm over 16 and allow MyMiniFactory to process personal data","pages.registration.date_format_error":"The date should be valid using DD MM YYYY","pages.registration.under_16_parental_approval":"I have parental approval to create an account","pages.registration.under_16_parental_approval_popup":"I have parental approval to let MyMiniFactory to process personal data","pages.registration.under_16_error":"You need have parental consent to create an account.","pages.registration.under_16_error_popup":"You need have parental consent to let MyMiniFactory to process personal data","pages.registration.read_privacy":"I have read the Privacy Policy and allow MyMiniFactory to save personal data.","pages.registration.read_privacy_error":"Please accept the MyMiniFactory Privacy Policy to create an account.","pages.registration.allow_email":"Yes I would like to receive updates about Designs and MyMiniFactory.","pages.registration.willingtoprint":"Drucke 3D Objekte f\u00fcr andere Mitglieder und verdiene Geld (Maker).Sie m\u00fcssen hierf\u00fcr einen 3D Drucker besitzen. Mitglieder k\u00f6nnen Sie kontaktieren um Objekte f\u00fcr sie zu drucken.","pages.registration.willingtodesign":"Ich bin ein Designer und m\u00f6chte meine 3D Modelle auf ver\u00f6ffentlichen.Wir werden dich beim hochladen der Objekte unterst\u00fctzen. Du kannst sogar Geld verdienen, wenn deine Objekte im store verkauft werden, Tips von anderen bekommst oder design Jobs erh\u00e4lst.","pages.registration.newsletter":"Abonniere den MyMiniFactory Newsletter! (du bekommst keinen spam, sondern coole Updates wie zBsp die besten Designs in der Community)","pages.registration.coun


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